Project information

  • Category: BI Business Intelligence
  • Client: HP
  • Project date: 2020

Top Commodities & Customer Margin Analysis

  • Top Commodities Consumption: To analyze commodities consumption and compare the material cost per business strategy (Commercial, Consumer) we need to analyze and compare material cost across all third-party vendors, periods, and countries among LatinAmerica, which means hundreds of thousands of orders, materials used, and more important criteria to determine business strategy and customer/vendor/repair strategy, a Power BI Dashboard and analysis tool were deployed and demonstrate that contrary to the common belief, consumer material expense was cheaper than commercial despite the scale of the business, this tool was critical for business decisions.
  • Customer Margin Analysis: With S4 implementation in HP, many challenges came, but also many risks, for which we needed to think out of the box, and came with proposals on different ways to analyze massive historical data from legacy systems versus massive new data from the new system to avoid revenue missing, customer complains, miss-stated records and so on, at margin level we deployed a Power BI solutions tools that compare and highlighted variances/risks from a Customer Unit Net Revenue/Margin using connections and data sources from two different system environments legacy and S4.