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Objective: Seeking a Manager position that leverages my experience in web development and business intelligence technologies to drive growth and profitability. Summary: Highly accomplished senior Financial Analyst with over 14 years of experience in Corp. Finance, offering a rare blend of expertise in financial management, web development, and business intelligence technologies. Adept in creating and implementing financial strategies that align with organizational objectives, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. An excellent communicator with strong leadership and collaboration skills to foster cross-functional relationships and drive financial performance.

Financial Analyst, ERP Financial PM & Web Developer/Data Scientist.

Effective and positive team player, known for contributing with effective creative solutions, as well as technical and professional ability. Able to give and embrace constructive criticism, while working in a team environment towards a common goal.

  • Birthday: 20 Dec 1986
  • Phone: +52 33 34 60 7995
  • City: Guadalajara, Jalisco, MEXICO
  • Age: 34
  • Degree: Bachelor
  • Email: ricardo.villasenor@hp.com
  • Financial Analyst Master: HP Inc

Nowadays we are facing a proliferation of both software and hardware products derived from new theories, methods, and techniques. These advancements result in a very high obsolescence rate in the area. Me as a professional in Finance and Data Science, consider myself a key player who can keep up with the rapid advancements in technology, while also contributing with innovative proposals in my field to provide solutions to the major challenges of today’s world.


The GAP between Classic Financial Analysis and the new Data Science Digital Solutions it's a huge challenge and it requires Resourceful individuals with a very specific skill set to contribute, here is where people with my profile gain importance and can contribute to take the quantum leap to the new digital Financial Analysis World.

Years of Experience in Corp Finance

Projects ERP SAP implementations

Data Science & Process improvement projects

Have worked With teams across 4 continents and its time zones, leading and as an individual contributor


Financial Analysis/Business Acumen 100%
Data Science 95%
Leadership 90%
BI Solutions 90%
ERP Implementation 90%
Program Management 80%



Ricardo Villaseñor

Experienced Financial Analyst with strong analytical and customer-focused digital solutions skills, always eager to increase the business acumen while delivering outstanding results for the company.

  • Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
  • (52) 33-3460-7995
  • ricardo.villasenor@hp.com


Bachelor’s degree of Business Administration


UDG Universidad de Guadalajara

Centro Universitario de Ciencias Económico Administrativas (CUCEA)

Professional Experience

HP Financial Analyst Master Simplify (New ERP S4 HANNA)

2018 - Present

Deep Support as SME, Coordinator and Leader for critical areas/processes within the program such as Planning, Testing, Deployment, Cutover and Hypercare (Warranty period after Go live) as well as Test Automation solutions

Extensive experience leading the development, deployment, and implementation of automation solutions, as a developer as well (especially but not exclusively for S4 HANA). With hands-on experience in tools such as:

  • Component Based Test Automation (CBTA) a tool tightly integrated into SAP Solution Manager
  • TOSCA by Tricentis, Intelligent test automation tool
  • UIPath, Power Automate

Deloitte our consultant for ERP implementation, designed the new system processes and capabilities according to the User Stories provided by each functional or operational team, those user stories sometimes missed specific needs either for the new system standards, or to meet the end user needs, then as SME for financial processes I raised some recommendation for it, in regards of SAP standard transactions or capabilities that can be use or missing ones that can be replaced or implemented.

I have been involved on the E2E testing phases since the beggining, starting from release PS NA Deployment for almost all the PS portfolio of customers, and all Releases after that, my core responsibility was Test Lead for RAR, and some other contributions are, Simplify Test Automation regression testing, and Discrete test SME facilitator, for RAR I represent the team during planning and execution of testing SIT and UAT, supporting the testers and providing training when needed, as well as creating and tracking Change requests when issues are found, explaining the issue HPIT/TCS/Deloitte and making sure that the fix is implemented and validated, on Simplify test automation team, we are running regression testing for all the regions and we provide all different types of documents such as Sales Orders, Invoices, Deliveries etc. to the different test team to complete their validations, we are 4 people on Test Automation team, and as SME for testing I help with all kind of needs from any team or organization regarding Orders requested, discrete test scenarios, sign off, special configurations, special needs for particular customers in PROD or TEST, issue resolution or training on S4.

I have helped the Deployment/Cutover team as consulting SME to get missing pieces to complete planning tasks or missing processes on the cutover plan, also involving key people SMEs or process owners to make sure that all stakeholders are considered and tracking advances.

During the 6 first weeks after Go live for each release we have a period of Hypercare (Warranty) where all towers have a group of SMEs, Designers, Developers, and support people to cover and solve incidents regarding system issues, the turnaround time to solve these issues it's very short, and escalations are very hard, deep understanding of the system, business process and flows, as well as right contacts for each Tower/Sub-tower is a must, specifically for critical roles such as the one I was playing in Hypercare, I was queue manager lead, and my role was to triage all RTR incidents before assign it to an IT or Business resource, and the challenge is to understand the problem, identify the sub-tower affected, and get additional documentation or information from either the end user or directly from the source to make the issue resolution process more agile.

Professional Experience

HP Financial Analyst Expert PPS CS Repair Finance

2015 - 2018

LA Repair Supply Chain for Consumer and Commercial, Trade and Wty, analyst for SC, PCs and Printing, also I had worked within all LA sub regions (BR, MX, MCA)

Supporting OPS team with finance metrics from a business perspective to take decisions and build bottoms up analysis and figures to reach LTP, Budget, Flash, Actuals, POR performance and WW cost of services comparisons deliverables.

Supporting audits, fulfilling each of them during 2 years with no fails or major recommendations, internal (logistics, SOX) external (E&Y) US GAAP and IFRS SME.

Calculating each cost bucket for TOS (wty) and COS (trade) providing the best scenario bottoms up proposal and insights, and once we received the guideline, allocating costs between regions, sub regions, categories and HWPLs to be able to track the performances .

Periodically calculating and tracking each cost bucket with different strategies such as loading rates in SAP (PN1) for each HWPL to recognize non- material cost related to each customer service order attended, and making accruals/reserves/allocations and else depending on the nature of the charge.

I was leading the RPA and Analytics efforts in CS Americas, being responsible and acting as the interface between RPA developers and end user of the selected critical processes to implement RPA or Analytics solutions..

SIEMENS Jr. Controller, Finance Team Lead

2011 - 2015

Finance team lead for this Manufacturing plant, I was responsible of delivering financial statements and results directly to management, and to support all functional departments as follows:

  • Analyze and adjust targets and goals for Reorder points in distribution centers.
  • Inventory levels analysis for raw material, FG, and Merchandise focus on the inventory level targets from corporate.
  • POs placed and Open order analysis to reduce inventory excess and inventory reserve calculation issues.
  • Long Term Planning analysis and adjustment.
  • FPY Follow up.
  • Excess cost before and after delivery analysis.
  • Supplier quality index analysis.
  • ISO Internal Audit.
  • BOM and Routing validation.
  • ECN implementation process support.
  • Costing update activities.
  • Responsible of daily operation in finance department, supporting the Controller in all FP&A and narratives for SIEMENS Corporate in Germany, and SIEMENS Industry Corporate in US.
  • Productivity improvement and calculation.
  • Sales improvement, reporting and analysis.
  • Annual FCST & Budget management.
  • Starpower KPIs reporting (P&L, Free cash flow, Net working capital, Net Capital Employed and a couple more metrics).
  • STD Costing Rollup.
  • Capital expenses coordination and Net Book Value management.

Given that SIEMENS Zapopan plant was a fusion between 2 individual plants located in Monterrey and Cd Juarez, and an acquisition of a Product Line from a different industry sectors, once all the manufacturing product lines were installed, we planned, designed and implemented all modules and functionalities for the ERP (SAP) system, meaning configurations for all modules MM, PS, SD, QM, FI, CO and so on, back then I represented the finance team on each phase of the project, completing all tests, and signing off the financial processes for costing, planning and P&L management reporting developed.

Sanmina-SCI Cost Accountant

2009 - 2011

Supporting all functional areas of the Finance department, and acting in absence of any member of the team, excluding the Controller and Finance Lead.

  • Analyze and adjust financial statement accounts for related government reporting requirements.
  • Sales Analysis, Custom Margin.
  • P&L by Customer and by project.
  • Research, analyzed, and identified transaction errors, to avoid penalties on different audits like F3K audit, KPMG, Sarbanes Oxley.
  • Close Jobs (Customer orders in contract manufacturing model).
  • Fixed Assets investments (ROI analysis) and inventory.
  • RMAs (returns) Analysis and review.
  • P&L by Customer and by project.
  • Inventory transactions audit.


"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it." -Henry David Thoreau.

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure." -Colin Powell

  • All
  • ERP
  • BI

Certifications & Awards

Directive Skills

CUCEA 2009

Strategic Business Decisions "Simulator"

Centro Internacional de Investigación y Desarrollo del Capital Humano 2014 1st place

Full stack web Developer s

(front-end, back-end development) HTML, CSS, Saas, Git hub, MySQL and unstructured DBs, React - 2020

External Audits

Audit experiences with different Firms with different focus areas E&Y, Deloitte, KPMG, no penalties or unratings results

ISO 9001 – 2008, 14001, 18001

Global Standards certified 2014

Lean Manufacturing, Lean Accounting

Yellow belt (Sanmina-SCI) 2011



8270 Av. Camino al ITESO San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jalisco


+52 33 3460 7995

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